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Certificates of authenticity - expertizations

Colour photo certificates of Norwegian stamps and covers;- NKR 200,- for items below NKR 3000,- catalogue value. NKR 250,- between 3000/10000,- and NKR 300,- between 10000,- and 50000,-. Special rates for very valuable items.

Opinions are given for items where a full photo certificate would not be necessary or for cheaper items;- price NKR 100,-

Prices for BPP certificates in German, please see the Michel catalogue.

Classifications according to any catalogue (no signatures) NKR 5,- per item, however, minimum price NKR 100,- per sending.

Determinations of engraving types for the 20mm die;- NKR 20,- per stamp, for other issues and for plate positions etc. NKR 30,- per stamp.

Postage and insurance for the return sending will be added to all invoices.

Authorized by the Norwegian philatelic society and by the German BPP expert organization, and member of the AIEP international expert organization.
AIEP certification Example of a stamp certificate Example of a BPP stamp certificate
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16.04.19 Exciting previews of material for stamp auction no. 118 are now available.
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