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General information to bidders

Please read this before submitting your bids.

  • Browse the catalogue to find the item you want.
  • Each lot has an 'Enter bid' field, type in your bid, and press 'Enter' on your keypad. Your bids will then appear in the 'Bid list' in the left menu.
  • Once you have entered bids to all the lots you want to bid for, click on the 'Register bids' button, which will appear below the bid list once you have entered a bid.
  • To change a bid, click the 'Lot no' in the 'Bid list', the lot from the catalogue will appear and you may type in a 'New bid'.
  • To delete a bid, click on (delete) next to the lot no in the 'Bid list'.
  • After clicking on the 'Register bids' button, follow the 3-step process to submit your bid (illustrated below, click on them to see an example); 1) enter customer details, press 'Save customer details', 2) confirm and submit bids (you hereby accept the conditions for buyers), press 'Submit bids', 3) your receipt, you may print this (an email is also sent to you if you entered your email-address correctly).
  • This is not an online auction. Submitted bids are sent to Engers Frimerker for registration. Bids are not stored online.

Submitting bids by mail or fax.

  • The bid sheet from the printed auction catalogue (.pdf) (.doc)
Please read instructions on how to buy & sell before placing a bid
The auction is public. The prices in the right hand column are starting prices but not limits. Some lots may have limits near the starting prices.
Bids below 90% of these prices are not accepted.
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