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Conditions for buyers

The auction is public. The prices in the right hand column are starting prices but not limits. Some lots may have limits near the starting prices. Bids below 90% of these prices are not accepted.

All bids are binding. Bidders acting as agents for others are responsible in person for full payment of the bids. The auctioneer may reject bids, restart bidding in the room if disagreement arises or for any other reason he finds appropriate. The auctioneer is not responsible for any human errors in the execution of bidding instructions.

The auctioneer may, if a lot is other than described, reject any postal bids and offer the lot to the room buyers with a corrected description, or he may withdraw the lot. This decision is left entirely to the auctioneer's judgement and is irrevocable.

Each lot is sold to the highest bidder. If the highest written bid is more than 10% above the second highest bid the knock-down price will be reduced to the second highest bid + 10% or one bid step. In case of equal bids the first bid received by the auctioneer shall prevail.

The bid steps are according to the following scale:
NOK 10,- from NOK 100,- to NOK 300,-
NOK 25,- from NOK 300,- to NOK 500,-
NOK 50,- from NOK 500,- to NOK 1000,-
NOK 100,- from NOK 1000,- to NOK 3000,-
NOK 250,- from NOK 3000,- to NOK 10000,-
NOK 500,- from NOK 10000,- to NOK 25000,-
NOK 1000,- above NOK 25000,-

Floor bidders shall pay for their bids immediately on collecting them if no special agreement is made. Buyer's commission is 20%. Postage and insurance are extra. No VAT is applicable. All bidders outside Norway get a pro forma invoice payable within 10 days and the lots are dispatched upon receipt of payment at buyer's risk. In case of any loss or damage in the mail, the auctioneer will act as your agent against the insurance company, but will not be responsible for any refund until final decisions are taken by the insurance company.

The right of return of any lot, of which the description is incorrect, is normally 10 days after receipt of the lots or notification of such from the post office. (Ref. §6d.) Collections and bulk lots cannot be returned. Small lots and sets cannot be returned on account of minor faults on cheap values, nor on account of faults on stamps that compose no part of the evaluation of the lot. Lots cannot be returned on account of characteristics visible on the photos, neither on account of described faults. Any photo of a lot is regarded as a part of the description.

Buyers failing to pay on time forfeit all rights of return. After 30 days all unpaid invoices are liable to interest and/or a penalty fee amounting to a minimum of Nkr. 25,-. Invoices remaining unpaid 6 weeks after the sale are sent to a lawyer for legal collection at buyer's expenses. All lots are vendors' property until full payment has been received and can at any time be reclaimed for non-payment.

If lots remain unpaid 6 weeks after the sale the auctioneer has the full right to decide to resell the lots and the original buyer is held responsible for any loss that may occur and for all expenses including loss of interest and legal fees in connection with the auctioneer's effort in trying to achieve payment.

Buyers wanting expertization of any lot must report such on bidding. Extension for such expertization beyond 5 weeks after the sale must be claimed in writing before 5 weeks are up, - if not, the right of return is forfeited even if the expert should find faults that are not described in the catalogue.

The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing conditions of sale.

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