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Frequently asked questions


I would like to buy at the stamp auction, but I do not have the opportunity to be present in person. What are my options?

  • We have regular bidders from all over the world who place written bids, which we execute on their behalf. Alternatively, if you know someone who will be present in person you may ask them to bid for you, or one of our representatives may help you by bidding live on your behalf in the room. They charge 3% extra for this service.

I have found several lots that I like, but I do not want all (e.g. since they are similar). Can I place alternative bids, and how?

  • We regularly accept alternative bids. Please indicate which items are alternative bids by labelling the alternatives.

  • Alternative bids:
  • Lot 1234 Bid 1000.
  • Lot 1235 Bid 1200.

  • On the bidding sheet there is a separate column for labelling alternatives. Use captial letters (e.g. A, B, C, etc.) for grouping alternatives.

I have found many lots that I want to bid on, but I can't afford all. When placing written bids can I set a maximum amount on my account?

  • When placing your bids simply state the maximum amount for your account. If you are using the online bid sheet or want to mail or fax us the one in the printed catalogue, a separate field is available for this purpose.


I have inherited a collection (stamps, covers or postcards). How can I find out what it is worth?

  • We give free evaluations and honest advice if you are considering selling your material. Our values are - absolute discretion and honesty all the way from initial contact.

I have a large collection that I want to sell, but being unfamiliar with buying and selling at auctions I would like to start with a few items, just to see how things work. How do I pick what to start with?

  • We will help you set up a plan to give you the best return on your material, whether it is sold together or split over two or more auctions.

I have an item potentially of high value, but it has not been expertized yet. Is it necessary to have a certificate or statement of authenticity before I sell it?

  • Our expert makes classifications of Norwegian stamps and covers, and will help you decide if anything else is appropriate depending on the item. We also have the best contacts within international expertization, if your item requires this.

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