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Conditions for vendors

Lots may be delivered personally or through the post. There are no VAT or any taxes imposed on stamps. You get an immediate receipt for the arrival of the goods and later suggestion for lotting, descriptions and estimates for your acceptance before the time of printing. Very late delivery may put obstacles to this service. All vendors will receive a list containing their lot nos., and a catalouge.

20% commission will be deducted from the knock-down prices for all lots below Nkr.1000,- and on all deliveries containing material not classified or systemized by the vendor, and on all collections supposed to be split up. If you feel uncertain, we'll advise you.

15% commission will be deducted for lots between Nkr.1000,- and 5000,- classified by the vendor, systematically arranged on cards or otherwise mounted for easy supervision. For lots between Nkr.5000,- and 10000,- 12,5% commission will be deducted. For collections/accumulations with stated catalogue values it is vendor's responsibility that these are correct.

We guarantee a minimum payment of 80% of estimate for lots with a hammer price above NOK 300,-. On lots with hammer price 300,- or less as well as on unsold lots with estimates 300,-, or less a minimum fee of 20,- will be charged.

7 1/2% commission for lots fetching Nkr.10000,- or more.

Special rates may be agreed upon for deliveries containing a small number of lots fetching a total above NOK 100 000,- or for other exceptional consignments.

5% commission for lots fetching above NOK 50 000,-.

No commission for unsold lots above NOK 300,-, only return postage. Our commission covers the cost of photos where we feel this is suitable, insurance for your goods while being in our custody, and all work done by us, however, not expertisations.

Payment to the vendors will be executed 6 weeks after the sale. An account payment before this time may be executed on vendors' petition. Lack of payment from the buyers may in special cases cause delay and such lots will be separated from the regular payment.

New conditions are valid from sale 110.

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