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NORWAY: Rare obliterations.

NORWAY: Superb and rare ship cancellation.

NORWAY: Superb ship mail obliteration.

NORWAY: Unique item.

NORWAY: Rare combination of foreign and Norwegian ship mail.

NORWAY: Good collection of Bergen view-cards.

NORWAY: Good collection of Bergen view-cards.

NORWAY: Good collection of Bergen view-cards.

NORWAY: Unique.

NORWAY: Very rare censor mail.

NORWAY: Very rare ship mail cover.

NORWAY: Rare ship mail cover.

NORWAY: Large section Norwegian ship mail.

NORWAY: From a good section of prestamp covers.

NORWAY: Rare blocks of 4.

NORWAY: Very rare ship cancel.

NORWAY: 50 ø V with wmk. Superb.

NORWAY: Rare and superb cancellation.

NORWAY: Enormous accumulation at NOK 110.000

NORWAY: From a fantastic accumulation/collection 20 mm die.

NORWAY: Very extensive collection 21 mm die.

NORWAY: Large collection of shaded posthorn.

NORWAY: From a good section Polar material.


NORWAY: Very rare post card.

NORWAY: Large section of local mails.

SWEDEN: Beautiful 5 kr. Congress.

SWEDEN: Rare cover to Norway.

DENMARK: Very extensive collection Denmark.

ICELAND: From a good section.

AUSTRIA: Very rare perforation.

ENGLAND: Cancellation rarity, blue Maltese kross.

GERMANY: Complete exhibition collection Upper Silesia.

ITALY: Rarity from Naples.

THE NETHERLANDS: Rare cover to Norway.

AUSTRALIA: Very large collection.

BRIT. COLONIES: Large collection.

CANADA: Rare Canada.

CANADA: Extensive collection.


DUTCH INDIES, INTERIM PERIOD: Extensive collection with rare and possibly unique items.

FALKLAND ISLANDS: Extensive collection.

Stamp auction no. 112

Scandic Solli Hotel
Parkveien 68, Oslo

Friday October 9. 2015
The auction begins at 18.00

Saturday October 10. 2015
The auction begins at 09.30

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International stamp auctions since 1977
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