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Obj. nr.BeskrivelseKat. verdiUtrop
2901oS17. 12c imperf. Washington. Light paper wrinkle, fair/fine. ($ 300)300

2902oS278. $5 1895. Tiny marginal tear, nice. Additionally 2x10c 1894 (*), stuck to some backing paper. ($ 650+)200

2903*-**S423 mint/somewhat off sentre and S428 in a never hinged pair.. ($ 650)900

2904**RW54 1987 Hunting permit stamp. Variety 'Black shifted to the right' according to photo certificate 'The philatelic foundation'. Stated to have cost NOK 5000,-at an auction 8 years ago. 3000

Collections & lots.
2905o-**Coll. 1851-2014 in 4 Schaubek albums, after 1930 practically compl.,mainly used except for the blocks/sheetlets which are often **. 51 items pre 1890/ all different and many with high cat. value but the quality varies from poor to average and fine. 1869 with 1c * and later used to 24c, Columbus to 50c, and early definitives to 90c, later to $5. Parcel post compl., var.P.Dues and officials, air mails etc. 6000

2906o-**Coll.+duplications 1859 to fairly modern. The mainly modern ** sections have a nominal value of $250/300. 5 early imperfs/mixed to fine/the pictured 12c is cleaned. Later with many better items incl. 4 with grill pre 1869, 1869 to 15c (2), 1870/71 to 90c and later printings. Columbus to 30c+$1/slightly blunt perf., and $4 very fine looking but repaired corner. Trans Miss. to 50c. Later issues to $1 and wide ranges of semi modern to modern/duplicated. Good early P.Dues 1879 and later issues and parcel post compl. Fine to mixed. 5000

2907o-*-**Accumulation 1850s-1940 in stock binder. 21 items pre 1869, 10x1869 to 12c, further 82 items pre 1893 to 3x30c black, later duplicated up to medium/ better priced, up to fine $1 1895&1903, better commemoratives slightly duplicated, parcel post to 75c and some officials etc. 3500

2908oColl.1860s-1930s on old leaves. 32 items pre 1890, mixed to fine. We noticed 10c Washington with grill and other better ones, 2c,6c,12c 1869 + a 30c with small perf.fault, Columbus to 15c, later to $1 Perry and 1901 to $2, some early air mails and other medium priced. 2500

2909oColl./accumulation 1870s-1950s, partly mounted in a small album, partly loose. 2x15c Columbus, 2c 1869, accumulations of other values pre 1890/some mixed quality. Some medium priced here and there 1920s. 750

2910**Lot semi modern to modern in blocks of 6-8 etc. incl some modern min. sheets and booklets. Nominal value $160+ ($ 160+)500

2911o-*-**Mainly used accumulation 1869 (fine 2c) to fairly modern on a thick bunch of sheets, systematically arranged according to Scott. Needs inspection. 500

2912o-**General coll. 1880s-1970s in binder, nearly all used. 200

2913S398+649+C11 on air mail cover from 'Guam JUN 22 1931' to Sweden. 300

2914Scadta M LA592+US4c (S556) on air mail cover 1925 to Medellin in Columbia with green air mail sticker 'Par Avion/Barranquilla-Neiva', arrival marks on back. 300

2915S557+C12+ Danish 25ø on the trans Atlantic flight by Hillig/Høiris from New York to Copenhagen 1931, backstamped 'Camden JUL 16 1931..N.J.'. 500

2916S C25 on an air mail cover from 'Wailuku Hawaii Feb.2..1943 to Ohio with censor label 'Examined by/U.S.A. 2754'. 200

2917Coll. of 81 covers of which 68 are from the USA, the others from Canada etc/1x5c Nova Scotia 1860/lightly soiled. 33 US covers are with issues pre 1890 and altogether there are covers from 51 different states. Some frankings are apparently unusual but some quality detractions/tone spots/soiling. One cover is franked with a 'Blood's..' 1857 but soiled and stamp lacking 1 corner. All housed in a thick cover album. An unusual collection! 2500

2918BOX with around 700 covers, cards, postal stationery items etc., 1875/2000. Quite a lot has been sent to Denmark. Two covers were written on special letter sheets from the Olympic village 1932/one on a decorated envelope (see photo). One censor cover 1945 with double censorship and 'Returned to sender/ Service suspended'. Various postal stationery items with additional frankings sent to Europe. Late lot -please inspect! 2000

2919PC/COV.Lot 24 old mainly view cards, 2 PS cards sent to Norway 1902/03 and a cover with 6x2c Franklin sent 'Special delivery' with double line 'Fee claimed by office at first address.'/must be unusual! 250

2920*Guam. S1-13+E1. 8c with some gum disturbance, 10c&15 with small thins, 50c without gum. (*). ($ 1650)1250

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